Automatic aggregation of objects and relations

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I am wondering whether G4A includes some way to automatically derive a meaningful object hierarchy and derive relations (e.g. spatial relations such as RCC8 relations). When you import models from CAD, there is often quite a "flat" hierarchy, i.e. most objects will be on the same level (e.g. a screw is on the same level as a motor). But this is usually not what you want, it would be better to have a "higher-level" hierarchy computed based on the positions of objects relative to each other. Similar with the relations like adjacent etc. Is there a way to derive this automatically in G4A? In the documentation I could not find anything.

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yes, very ofthe CAD designers don't create a kinematic hierarchy like we would need it in Game4Automation. 

You can use Groups and Kinematics (scripts) do define a new kinematic hierarchy without changing the imported structure (to stay in sync with the CAD structure).

Currently, I don't know any standard which is available in common CAD systems to export a Kinematic structure. Based on individual scripted exports from CAD side it would be possible to create the kinematic hierarchy automatically inside G4A. 

Based on a research project which we are currently starting, we will implement Automation-ML (and FMU) import into G4A. But I don't know any standard CAD system which is able (without individual scripts) to export Automation-ML.

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