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I would like to use G4A to get WinMoD behavior signal and then according signal to  display in U3D  and also get feedback from G4A. WinMoD other side contion a physical PLC.

What kind of automation interface would be best select in G4A side ? OPC-UA?

Under review

Currently we don't have an official Winmod interface, we have something in development but we won't be able to test it (we don't have winmod licenses). If you would like to test it and can check  it (and change if needed the code) we can provide you with the current status of our Winmod implementation. It is ready but for sure there are bugs in.

Hi Thomas, long time no contact. Things are moving slowly. 
What is the status of WinMod and realvirtual interaction? We'll start several projects with students in that direction, and it would make sense to get the best tools for each purpose. Therefor WinMod with realvirtual sounds like a match on paper.

Best regards Markus

Hi Markus,

we just need somebody who is able to test the WinMod interface. I is somewhere in our dev-branches. I can check and forward it to you. But your students should get in touch with us - we might need to debug via Teamviewer - because I am pretty sure that it is still buggy. Best regards Thomas