robot Grip with no finger

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i want to grip MU based on Grip scrip,but my grip have no finger!

i study from standard demo。Based on sensor ,collider,direct grip,etc but i cant realize grip Mu Function

and i study from Grip MUS demo,i found noFingergrip demo,but it realize it based on Gripper Script

Q1:when i want to realize Grip MUs with no Finger,which i should to chose,Grip or Gripper,

Q2:In Grip script,Directly grip,Is it that when MU‘s Box collider and grip‘Box collider collide, i realized grip function?

Q3:Can you give me a detailed instruction document about NoFingergrip based on Grip scripts?


    gripper no fingers

    Looking forwaring to your reply!


    Easiest way for gripping is the Fixer component. You don't need to use any fingers.

    You can find some examples about the fixer here and it is described in the docs here:


    Image 859