MU on Convyor

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When i use Conveyor to convey MUs,When MUshas been in motion for a certain period of time, it will have an offset, such as its own rotation,and will not follow its normal trajectory,Is there any way to fix this deviation of MUs by specifying that it only follows the path of the conveyor belt

  • I have modified the Rigibody component of MU to limit its rotation



This happens if you move the things a very long time. Seems to be related to the Physics engine. In our Simulation Conveyor Library we implemented for this an option to align the MUs on entry on a conveyor. You would need to solve this by code or give the rigidbodys of a MU a constraint so that they are not able to turn.

Image 873

Fig1 MUS Rigidbpdy 

Image 874

Fig2 Created MU Rigidbody 

Created MU does not modify the restricted rotation parameters of its rigidbody as set


Yes, the source is when duplicating itself automatically unfreezing all restrictions (because we have frozen them for the source itself to prevent the source to move). For the moment only possiblity is to set the restrictions after MU creation via code. We will think about a solution for the next release.