realvirtual's simulink interface

Jiacheng Cui 1 year ago updated by Support 1 year ago 4

您的文档描述了 realvirtual 的 simulink 接口,但我找不到相关块,并且电子邮件显示无法发送,我如何获取应用程序?谢谢!

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Could you please ask your question in English?

Very sorry, this seems to be an error due to the automatic translation feature.

My question: Your documentation describes the simulink interface for realvirtual, but I can't find the relevant blocks and the email shows that it can't be sent, how do I get the application? Thanks!

Thank you for your reply, I am a PhD student from Dalian University of Technology, contact: 952986480@qq.com, and need the interface for exploratory work on smart manufacturing. If you can provide the package, I am also willing to follow up by open sourcing our work so as to build a more prosperous community.