why I cant change PLC input signal by sensor?

xingbutou 10 months ago updated by Support 10 months ago 3

Here is my problem.I have 2 signals:the “signal01” is to control object01  to move or to stop,and the “signal02” is to control another object02. I set a sensor called “sensor01” ,when object01 move to a certain place,the “sensor01” could detect it .However,it failed to change “signal02”,which is still false.

I have put relevant settings in those pictures below,can someone help me to resolve this strange problem?I have suffered from this one for nearly one week.

Image 964

Image 962

Image 963

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What do you mean with failing. What is not working for singal02 - is it not detecting parts. As I can see in your picture the signal01 and signal02 is currently forced to a fixed value (the "!" behind the Signal value)?

oh my god!thanks a lot!I dont even know this “!” mark means that the signal value cant be changed. With your guidance,I achieve my function. I even dont know I could remove this this “!” by a clicking .How stupid I am.Thanks again for saving me.