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Main Menu Bar Item not added

pfry 3 years ago in CADLink updated by Support 3 years ago 5

Unity Editor Version 2019.4.21f1 LTS

Asset CADLINK https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/game4automation-cadlink-150559?aid=1101l3b93&utm_source=aff

Looking at the documentation here https://game4automation.com/documentation/current/index.html

either the documentation is outdated, or I am having an issue getting the main menu bar item for the game4automation to appear on my editor.

There are conflicting screenshots showing that upon importing the asset it will create a "Tools > game4automation" in the main menu bar, and others showing that the "game4autmation" item will appear in the top level main menu bar. Neither of these are created when I import from the asset store.

I saw previous forum posts stating to use LTS versions of Unity. Should I be on the 2020 LTS version now?

Under review

When the main menu bar is not added usually you have some errors in the console which prevent Game4Automation to compile. Maybe there is a collision with something you already have in the project. Please check the error logs in the Console window and start with an empty project.

So if you are referring to the main unity "console" tab in the lower right window of the image provided no error messages are shown. This is a screenshot of what things look like when importing CADLink on a fresh empty 3D project. No error messages also appear if I close the editor and attempt to reload the project.

"To import 3D data into your scene you need to drag and drop the CADLink prefab into your scene or you can use in Game4Automation Professional the Menu game4automation > Add CADLink (Pro)."

The menu bar is only available within Game4Automation professional.

Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know that's the case. I was just assuming something was wrong on either my end or the product end.