Question about rotating transport surface

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I am currently working on a project which uses a conveyor on a rotating axis. I got this all to work, but when the conveyor rotates the transport surface is in the wrong direction (It doesn't change with the rotation of the part) 

"Draaitafel" is the GameObject that rotates, it contains the transport surfaces (which are in the conveyor game object) and a frame +sensors. The drive script of the transport surfaces is made on the Conveyor gameobject. I have tried putting it on "Draaistation" but no success with that either.

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I have made this picture to clarify. In the top picture the object on the transport surface goes in the direction of the red arrow, but in the bottom picture it goes that way as well... 



did you use the function Parent Drive, please check our demo scene under Assets/game4automation/Scenes/MovingTransportSurface.unity where a rotating transport surface is done. 

The Transport Surface has to be in parallel (not as a children) to the rotation drive. And in Parent Drive you need to reference in the Transport Surface to the Rotation Drive. This is necessary due to some limitations in Unity Physics. A "IsKinematic" movement can't be combined with a physical movement (like the transport surface) in a hierarchy.