Hello Thomas,I can't connect to S7 Interface if I have many Signals。

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Hello,as you can see,I have an Arduino Mega 2560 and I want to do my own PLC,the PLC has 24 DI、24 DO、8 AI、8 AO signals,when I add all the signals into S7 Interface it can't connect to PLCSIM(I use nettoplcsim),but when I deactivate some signals it works well,if I want it works with all my signals what should I do?I have used the most new G4A,thank you!

Image 674

Image 675

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Image 680

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Hi, the number of signals is not an issue, I have seen models with more than 1000 signals. Have you tried changing (reducing) the MaxPdu Lenth (e.g. to 40). Did you tried the AreaReadWriteMode (but I don't know if that works with nettoplcsim).

Thank you Thomas,I change it to 200 and it works,thank you very much。