[Question] OPC-UA Realtime Interface Graphic Stuttering Issue

Reverse Kim 2 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 2 years ago 2
Youtube video

Hi, I bought realvirtual,io for interface with Factory Robot to build Digital Twin

I followed realvirtual.io Youtube Guideline and build up Robot and Drive and successfully interface with our OPC-UA Server

but, there are some Graphical Issue in Robot.

the Drive Follow Position Module can get Tag Data, but some Robot motions skip in the Field.

How can I solve those Issue? Please Help.

Under review

If I understand your problem right the robot movement is not smooth. This might happen, ifthe cycle time for sending the current positions is to slow. Maybe you can change things on the OPCUA server or you could try to send less information. In General OPCUA is not well suited for real time applications. Other interfaces like S7, TwinCAT are much better performing for exchanging realtime data.