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Support 1 year ago

Can you turn  in the OPCUA interface  the DebugMode to true and send us the content of the console log?

Under review

OPCUA Interface - Error in activating session

Ernesto 1 year ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 12 months ago 30

Dear all,

I'm having problems to connect to a remote OPC UA server using the OPCUA Interface Component.

I followed the "Connection troubleshouting" guidelines provided in "/game4automation/Documentation/opcua.html".

Configuring the OPC Server with "No security certificates and passwords" I could connect OPC Watch with the server (see Image):

Image 576

However, when I tried connecting through the Unity OPCUA Interface:

Image 577

I get the following error message:

OPCUA Interface - Error in activating session [BadUnknownResponse]
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
game4automation.OPCUA_Interface:Connect () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/OPCUA_Interface.cs:179)
game4automation.OPCUA_Interface:EditorImportNodes () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/OPCUA_Interface.cs:246)
game4automation.OPCUAInterfaceEditor:OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/private/Editor/OPCUAInterfaceEditor.cs:20)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

As it can be seen in the last image, I'm using Unity 2021.3.2f1 Editor with Game4Automation Digital Twin Professional 2020.

Any idea of what I'm missing?

Thank you in advanced.

Support 12 months ago

Hi, I checked. I found an issue with reconnection, that is why I am attaching here a new script. This will be included in next release.


The disconnect problem and the PLCOutputBool can't be reproduced here on my computer with Simit.


Robodk version with game4automation professional or game4automation OPC UA

efrensilveyra 3 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 2 years ago 1

Which version of robodk is compatible with game4automation opc ua or game4automation professional. I ask, because I want to communicate robodk 4.0 with game4automation professional.


When will Unity 2019 be supported?

Stan 3 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 3 years ago 5


I was wondering when will OPC UA for Unity 2019 will be supported?

With kind regards,

Stan (Developer at Siemens)

Support 3 years ago

Hi, we have no tutorial about that.Even if Unity 2019 is not officially supported yet, you should be able to get it running. What is your problem. What kind of error messages do you have?


Error in creating new Subscription in Demo Scene (OPCUA4UNITY)

Ege 11 hours ago in OPCUA4Unity updated 11 hours ago 0


I am using OPCUA4UNITY. When I try out the demo scene with the OPC UA C++ Demo Server, I get this error when trying to read nodes. Importing nodes seem to work fine.

Image 980

And for some nodes (DateTime in this case) I get this error. None of them seems to work.

Image 981

Using Unity version 2022.3.0

Under review


Matvienko Matvey 1 week ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 1 week ago 3


When I'm trying to connect to RoboDK with OPCUA - getting this message.
How to solve this problem?

Image 978

Not a bug

Interface losing connection after certain amount of time

ThomasDM 2 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 2 months ago 3

When connecting the OPCUA_Interface with a PLC I lose connection with the PLC after a certain amount of time. One kicks me out after 2 min, another after 15 min (2 different connections).

The interface seems not to notice the disconnect because the value of isConnected in the interface stays on true but if I check the connected clients to the PLC the interface is gone (which was there on startup).

Reading a value after the disconnect on node level gives me the status value: Connection error

I import the nodes with the editor button but remove all nodes I dont need. And I dont continuously get new values on the nodes I keep. I can have the same values (no changes) for long periods of time.

Does the Interface only keeps the connection alive if the values continuously update or is something else going wrong?

Support 2 months ago

Yes I understand but the used Library gives us no direct information about disconnection events. And I don't know exactly in your case who is closing the communication when nothing happens - is it the client or the server. I am closing this issue because for the moment we don't have a better solution.

Not a bug

Organizes Reference Infinity Loop Asyncua

konrad ebel 28 2 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 1 month ago 6

When loading the nodes from a asyncua server with an organizes refrence the loading ends in an infinity loop. I have the organizes refrence assigned to an object (against the standard), i dont know if this is the problem. When i use the client in the documentation to test the connection the client is working properly.


Asyncua Unsupported Communciation

konrad ebel 28 2 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 1 month ago 3

I get an error when trying to connect to an asyncua server. The client OPCUA4Unity is loading infinite and the Error Requested Value False was not found shows up:

asyncua.ua.uaerrors._base.UaError: Unsupported message type b'\x16\x03\x01'

Not a bug

License: The evaluation period is expired

ThomasDM 3 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 3 months ago 5

When using your plugin I first ran into the problem that I had too many subscriptions for 1 PLC so I changed the OPCUAConnection class to the native OpcClient connection so I could use the Opc.UaFx.Client approach of adding multiple nodes to 1 subscription instead of making 1 subscription for every node.
After I did this I started getting the following error:

LicenseException: The evaluation period is expired, you need to purchase a license to take further use of the OPC UA Framework Advanced. Please contact your support!

What should I do in order to fix this error, cause the connection stops working after a while.