how to handle for the bad status of a node

eternalism 2 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 1 year ago 5


i am making a app watching Devices through the "KEPServer for OPC".

so, i made subscribe multiple nodes.

then i expected my app work similar with "OPC Watch".

the result i did test, some nodes was often get bad status.

If any of the nodes is in a bad status, your plugin only disconnects from a server without handling any after works.

Or, If some nodes is bad status at starting app and first connection, the App was get "Not Answer".

On the contrary, the OPC Watch is continue updating under the same circumstance stably.


i make reconnecting when disconnected and trying to subscribe after checking that connection of a Bad nodes each seconds via ReadValue Method.

it seem to be not good way, i think...

what is the best strategy for handle a Bad status of node?

Under review

Hi, I will need to check in detail if we can improve the bad node handling.  Will let you know latest tomorrow if we have got a solution. 


I am sending you a beta which handles this in a private message.

Hi, I just checkted. You are right - when a bad status of a node occurs it is automatically disconnected. We are using LibUA as a core and this happens here in the core (ThreadTarget). I opened an issue in the LibUA Github and hope to get a solution there.

thank you! but, i was need that solution ASAP, so i used a library is the "OPC UA Foundation .NetStandard" instead of the "OPCUA4Unity". Surely, i hope to be improved your plugin through a solution found in the LibUA Github.

one more thing, when a node has BAD status, it is wait for so much time for reading this. that is even blocking type. if more nodes, a app is freezing for more times. i think, that is must be improved.