Ethernet IP AB Control logix "path". Im used to CIP paths, but its format doesnt seem to work.

Cameron 1 year ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional 0

I am wanting to connect to a AB Control Logix. I have IP, PLC type and a CSV file creating one test variable (float). When I test communication. It has a error. [EthernetIP - Error in connecting to PLC, please check your connection settings!] The only variable is the PATH. PATH has no explanation in documentation. I am used to CIP path, but that format doesnt seem to work. In my test rack I have a L83 processor, with built in ethernet, in slot 0. IP I can ping and connect with software. Just trying to set up a use case demo. I have a stand alone ethernet card I could use but dont think thats the issue.
I've tried 1,0   0,0  1,1  same error.