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drive CurrentPosition() in IK mode issue

VIZtech4 2 weeks ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 3 hours ago 3

Using professional version.

When driving a robot arm around in Axis mode using a joystick, dirve CurrentPosition reports the correct angles.

However when in IK mode, the returned values change sign at the 180 position.

How can I get proper angle values in IK mode ?

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Hi, for the moment there is no solution for this. The values are calculated in a "BlackBox" inverse kinematic DLLs. Only solution that I see is, that you monitor and correct the values yourself.

I think a consequence of this is that the drive limits are not respected in IK mode.

In our application where we are driving a robot in IK mode using a joystick, it's difficult to tell if all the 6 drives do it, but those I have observed do not obey the limits like they do in Axis mode.

Drive Limits should be respected in IK mode. I need to check but also in IK mode each solution is checked and if a point in the path is not reachable there should  be a message. Will get back to you soon when I have checked the issue.