Robot IK Edit windows Lost

yangkang 1 year ago updated by Support 12 months ago 5


Today, after I opened the scene, I found that their editing window did not display, such as the path of the robot, joint restrictions of the robot, etc. I exported the project to another computer, and it displayed normally after opening. Meanwhile, I also tried to restart the project, but it didn't seem to work.

Image 860

Image 862


Image 861

Yesterday.when i click Path,the Path Line show normaly

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Hmmm - I can't reproduce your behavior. Do you have example projects where we can see that?

I mean fixer release Siginal is true,but it also can fixed MUs, i dont know why

Image 869

problem video

Please , i am confused long time,,,


I am not shure if this is the problem but when fixing with signals - fixer is only doing things when signal is changing from low to high. so fixer should move in - then fix signal should get high (while unfix needs to be kept low) and then the part should be gripped.

Please check the demo , they should give you some examples how it works

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