Two Fixer fix MU

yangkang 1 year ago updated by Support 1 year ago 3


Now,i met a problem about Fixer,I want Fixer1  Fix MU ,and MU is fixed by Fixer,

When i use fixer2 based on Signal release, MU will Drop 

When i use release On Collission Non MU, MU cant fixed by Fixer1. It toggles back and forth between captured states

    Maybe When  release Fix2,Mu maybe drop,and it's been fixed again

    Image 864


    Image 866

    Fixer 2

    Image 865

    Under review

    We removed release on collssion non MU in latest release and also did some changes on the Fixer. Please check with the latest version (2021.16). There should also be a solution for your situation how you can solve it without "Release on collission non MU". You should update because in some signal conditions fixer did not worked properly in versions before 2021.16.