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Organizes Reference Infinity Loop Asyncua

konrad ebel 28 9 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 8 months ago 6

When loading the nodes from a asyncua server with an organizes refrence the loading ends in an infinity loop. I have the organizes refrence assigned to an object (against the standard), i dont know if this is the problem. When i use the client in the documentation to test the connection the client is working properly.

I know where the error lies. It is a problem of reading the security informations. When the security level of a node is not defined it takes a realy long time to read this infos. I have disabled this loading, it does not work when security settings are not made in asyncua. It is a problem of asyncua and the client (because the client loops when the information is not provided)

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I don't know exactly what you mean with Asyncua. Do you have a server setup and a demo server where we can test the issues you are facing?

Asyncua is a python lib for opc ua, where i host my server. DATA_SERVER.zip

I started test_handler.py to create this error.

We don't have Python - can you provide your test application as an installable executable?

Hi, is your issue solved?