PartChanger unexpected situation

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“part changer” component erro

my original cube(yellow one) has the MU scirpt,and I have set two MU appearences :cube1(red),cube2(blue).They both have rigidbody and collider,and are on MU layer.In this DemoChangeMU Scene,I just set those cans and MU active state to false,trying to repalce them with some cubes.

HERE is the problem:at the moment that yellow cube been detected by sensor0,it immediately jumped to a strange point as the picture shown,and the sensor0 is still high(keeping red) even those two objects have separated(in this scene the sensors do not use raycast but a collider ).


In this same demoscene,Can2 and Can3 are active in Scene mode.But when I click the play button,active state of Can2 and Can3 are immediately become false automatically.I tried to find the reason,but I did not find any script for this change.And I thought maybe it is because the “Group” ,so I also put my cube1 and cube2 to a group named changer as the picture shown.BUT,when I click the play button

,my cubes are still visible.I cant figure it out why.

Image 970

Image 967

Image 968Image 969