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MU not moving properly

linlinoful 1 month ago in General Questions updated by Support 1 month ago 1


MU is sitting on transport surface. Moving up and down is possible but moving to the left and right does not cause the MU to follow (see pictures). Any ideas?

Image 974

Image 975

PartChanger unexpected situation

xingbutou 1 month ago in General Questions 0


“part changer” component erro

my original cube(yellow one) has the MU scirpt,and I have set two MU appearences :cube1(red),cube2(blue).They both have rigidbody and collider,and are on MU layer.In this DemoChangeMU Scene,I just set those cans and MU active state to false,trying to repalce them with some cubes.

HERE is the problem:at the moment that yellow cube been detected by sensor0,it immediately jumped to a strange point as the picture shown,and the sensor0 is still high(keeping red) even those two objects have separated(in this scene the sensors do not use raycast but a collider ).


In this same demoscene,Can2 and Can3 are active in Scene mode.But when I click the play button,active state of Can2 and Can3 are immediately become false automatically.I tried to find the reason,but I did not find any script for this change.And I thought maybe it is because the “Group” ,so I also put my cube1 and cube2 to a group named changer as the picture shown.BUT,when I click the play button

,my cubes are still visible.I cant figure it out why.

Image 970

Image 967

Image 968Image 969

sensor cannot work normally

xingbutou 1 month ago in General Questions updated by Support 1 month ago 6

I meet a simple but  truly strange problem.In the picture below,I‘m using a sensor to detect if something pass through.However,even I have put the Steuerschrank into MU layer,my sensor cannot detect it.In other occasion,I use the prefab--cans,this sensor could work normally.someone could help me?I have spend nearly one week on this problem. 

Image 958

Support 1 month ago

With a Raycast based Sensor you don't need to use colliders but you need to define the layers where the Raycast is sending to. It is the same Layer as the Sensor is and additional Layers which you can define. 

For a non Raycast (Box Collider) based Sensor - the Sensor should be normally on the layer rvSensor. Please also check the doc information about the collsission matrix for colliders.


Creating a digital twin

linlinoful 1 month ago in General Questions 0

Hello friends,

i need some help at creating a digital twin of a logistic system. The Box should go over the transport system. Then when it arrives at the end (detected by Sensor) the Plattform (white) in the middle should take it and put it in the shelf. It has a OPC UA connection and the various variables are available. I need some help appling this in unity bc i'm a beginner and not know all of the components.

Image 952


Fehlermeldung Transportsurface

linlinoful 2 months ago in General Questions updated by Support 1 month ago 3


Ich bin gerade dabei einen Digitalen Zwilling eines automatischen Kleinlagers zu erstellen. Nun bekomme ich folgende Fehlermeldung wenn ich in den Game Modus gehen möchte. Ich vermute ich habe irgendwo ein Drive zu wenig. Könnt ihr mir sagen wo?

Darüber hinaus fällt meine Kiste ins unendliche und bleibt nicht auf dem Föderband stehen. Wie "befestige" ich die Position?

P.S.: Ich bin noch Anfängerin in diesem Gebiet und bin für jede Hilfe dankbar.

Image 948


Direction vector disappeared

Bo Adam 3 months ago in General Questions updated by Support 3 months ago 8


I used to have the purple direction vector of a drive visible in the scene window when selecting a component with a drive, but now it disappeared. Do you know how I can get it back? 

Support 3 months ago


please check if the gizmos are enabled and check the scale of them.

Regards Christin


    Force Torque Sensor

    VIZtech4 8 months ago in General Questions updated 7 months ago 6


    Have you any plans to produce a Force Torque Sensor ?

    Ideally it would be as simple as adding it as a component to say the mounting flange of a 6 axis robot to give information about the load.

    I looked at the Force Drive but can't get sensible results from it.



    Support 7 months ago

    Hi, for our use cases we don't have the need so far for doing this calculation. I don't think that we are going to implement this in the near future. You could implement what you described, our source code is open for our customers.


    Community Git Repository

    Preliy 12 months ago in General Questions updated by Support 12 months ago 2

    Hi guys,

    anyone use git community repository for this package.

    Is the Git up to date or active?

    I have the old version of the package, are there corresponding repositories for different versions?

    Thanks in advance


    spaceNavigatoer error mac

    Kadir 1 year ago in General Questions updated by Support 1 year ago 10

    despite removing the spacenavigator file in unity i still have problems.

    Image 660


    Image 661


    Support 1 year ago

    Solution is to delete the folder


    and to change in the Script SceneMouseNavigationCs the following compile swith at the top and at the end of the script:


    against this:

    #if (UNITY_EDITOR_WIN || UNITY_STANDALONE_WIN)                    

    This will exclude Space Navigator from being used by non Windows Systems.

    After doing this you need to select manually again (because automatic installation script was not started due to the compile error) Apply Standard Settings:

    Will be changed in the next release.


    Do you provide a robotic arm demo like the animation on the webpage https://realvirtual.io/en

    auto 1 year ago in General Questions updated by Support 1 year ago 1


    I'll begin to develop a robotic arm simulation software and I'm very interested in realvirtual.io. Will you provide a robotic arm demo like the animation on webpage https://realvirtual.io/en? Thanks.

    Support 1 year ago

    No currently the animation on the webpage is not included with our delivery. In about 2 weeks from now on in our next release we will have an inverse kinematic included in realvirtual.io with 2 examples of two moving robots (ABB and Stäubli).