Problem with multiple precompiled Assemblies with the same name Newtonsoft.Json.dll

Update October 2022:

Some more information about this error. We encountered, that maybe in some external dependencies, depending on which packages you have installed aditionally to, Newtonsoft.Json.dll is included. You could delete as mentioned below the Newtonsoft.Json.dll out of our delivery. But we recommmend, if possible, to remove all non needed Packages from your folder. You can remove not needed Packages via the Package manager. Here you find the Packages we are currently using in our standard project:

Image 728

If you get this error:

Image 405

you are most probable on a new version like Unity2020.03.11 and above. It seems that the DLL we are including in game4autiomation is in newer versions already included in Unity.

To solve this please select in your project the Newtonsoft.Json.dll:

Image 407

And delete the DLL.

Now apply again the Game4Automation standard settings, because the standard installer script might failed before due to the error:

Image 408

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