URP and post processing

Benedikt Scholz 3 years ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 3 years ago 3

I have problems using the URP with the post-processing function. I downloaded the Post-processing Stack and Activated the HQ settings in the game4automation GameObject. However the sliders for settings are not working. I tried to manually put a post-processing volume into the camera, but this failed also. 

There is an error on the console: Array out of bounds in game4automationController.ChangedVisual()

Can you help?

Under review

Hi, URP is officially not supported in Game4Automation. It might be some work to get it running with URP.

Thanks for your answer. 

I´m still runnings some application with URP. Until now no problems. 

Is there a way using the post processing stack seperately,without the connection to game4automation.