Error in opening secure channel [BadEncodingLimitsExceeded]

Juliano Cortes 2 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 4 months ago 3

I have this problem when I try connecting Prosys OPC UA server simulator: OPCUA Interface - Error in opening secure channel [BadEncodingLimitsExceeded]

I can connect with OPC watch like in game4automation documentation. Whats wrong?

Image 533

Image 534


Please try the current G4A professional beta on our download page  https://game4automation.com/download/customers/  we did some changes on the OPCUA side.

Please also check this thread - maybe it is related to the security policy ID. In the new beta there is an additional setting for Security Policy ID - please try to change this to 1 (instead of a 0).

It did`n work

I tried read a node

NONE is checked in certificate