Event to subscribe to when import of Signals is finished?

AndreS2 1 year ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 1 year ago 2

Hey hey,

i cant seem to find the proper way of knowing when the import of Signals through the PLCSimAdvanced Interface is finished and i can start working with the signals(ex. searching for Signals or reading/writing to them).

My background is, that i want to implement my own logic of connecting and working with the signals, the SignalManager doesnt has enough flexibility for me. 

But i cant seem to find an Event Like thing to know when the import has been finished.

Yes i could implement it myself inside the interface, but after every Update it would be broken.

So is there a correct and intendent way of doing this?


Under review

So far there is no way for doing it. Usually we import the signals once and when we restart, we expect that all signals are there. What about implementing a special PLC counter which you could check and know that the connection is fully up and running?