Install Assets (realvirtual.io Digital Twin) doesn't work

Erik Plantenga 1 year ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 1 year ago 6

I bought the 'realvirtual.io Digital Twin Asset', I think there are 2 options to get it running:

1) Via the Asset Store -> click on 'open in Unity' (After clicking there are no extra asset visible, see image).

2) Via 'import custom package' (I don't know which file to open, see image). 

Image 885

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If you bought it over the Unity Asset Store you should see it in the PackageManager under MyAssets:

Image 886

If you purchased it from us directly you can login here:


You will find the login information on your invoice (if you did NOT purchased over the Unity Asset Store).

Thanks for your answer, 

I've bought it at https://assetstore.unity.com, please see attached image. But when I click on 'open in Unity', nothing happens, as you can see below the 'Assets', there are no extra packages. 

Image 888

Image 887

Please open the Package manager within Unity and import from there - like in my picture above. This should work. If not there might be a firewall issue with your computer.

Image 892

Thanks for your answer, but the package is not visible in de the Package Manager. Is there a way to send the package to me? 

You should find it under "My Assets" - did you checked to find it there?

Image 893