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UWP Deployment for Hololens 2 does not complete successfully Unity 2021.3.21f1

Dominik Zawalich 1 month ago in OPCUA4Unity updated 1 month ago 5

Hello, it seems like we are having an issue with the OPCUA4Unity asset that we want to use for our Hololens build. We created a new project and were able to create a build for the Hololens without any problems. We then imported the asset from the Asset Store and tried to build again, but to no avail. We didn't add the demo scene into the build, so the problem is not with the scene itself. The build settings match the attached screenshot.

After creating the build in Unity, we open the build folder in Visual Studio and launch the .sln file. We select the Release, ARM64 and Device options and start the process. However, the build process gets stuck at a certain point, as shown in the screenshot.

Image 1112

Image 1111

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Do you have more logfiles or any hints where the build process is stopping? 

All I know is that the build and deploy process in Visual Studio stops with the asset, as can be seen in the screenshot.

Based on the information we can't see what might be the problem. We even don't see if our solution is the reason. There must be more information available. Please check and let us know.

If we go to Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run in Visual Studio and set the two MSBuild to Diagnostic, these error messages appear, as can be seen in the screenshot:

Image 1113

The build process works without the asset, as can be seen in LogWorking.txt: LogWorking.txt

With Asset the log looks like the Error_log.txt file: Error_log.txt

And here is the editor log:Editor_log.txt

Also it seems I have the same issue as this guy from 2 years ago, apparently this has been a known issue but the provided link is no longer valid: https://forum.realvirtual.io/communities/1/topics/418-unity-2020339f1-uwp-deployment-does-not-complete-successfully