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Thanks for your tips about “user permission”,I realize that the problem is make by clients have no permission to add symbol or update list of subscription,So I check relative settings about permission of guest,and now,It work well.
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hi thomas:

my environment is:

BEST HTTP V2 2.8.6

REALIO 2022.12 pro

I have alread finished script difinetion and TwinCAT3(Licenses、PLC Project) and TwinCATHMI configuration. But I still got those error info as follow picture.As we see , Websocket cliet has connected to Server, but it send a error message,i don't know how to make this trouble.
Please give me some ideas, i will check immediately.

Image 1093

some messages for you as follow,hope for your answer

if you can take a video about TwincatHMI and unity,it will work is seen like your vides in your youtube channel

thanks for your suggestion,do you have any other tutorials about how should we do TwinCATHMI communicates with Unity(for webgl publish Platform).I try to read documentation about TwinCATHMI chapter,but i think there are many details be Omitted. so it is so difficult to complete my test demo.