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Hi, do you have more information about that. Can you tell us how we can reproduce and test your problem?


Please make sure that the MUs and the pusher have sufficient colliders. Nevertheless, the elements must be on certain  layers: MU --> g4aMU; Pusher --> g4aTransport.(set in the inspector) The current parameter of the collider interaction you'll find here: Edit/Projectsettings/Physics.

Let me know if this solves the issue.

I am not shure if this is the problem but when fixing with signals - fixer is only doing things when signal is changing from low to high. so fixer should move in - then fix signal should get high (while unfix needs to be kept low) and then the part should be gripped.

Please check the demo , they should give you some examples how it works

Image 871

We removed release on collssion non MU in latest release and also did some changes on the Fixer. Please check with the latest version (2021.16). There should also be a solution for your situation how you can solve it without "Release on collission non MU". You should update because in some signal conditions fixer did not worked properly in versions before 2021.16.

Hmmm - I can't reproduce your behavior. Do you have example projects where we can see that?

Easiest way for gripping is the Fixer component. You don't need to use any fingers.

You can find some examples about the fixer here and it is described in the docs here:

Image 859

You might have an extreme number of nodes in your opcua server. Please limit it by selecting a topnode-id which has lower number of nodes. 


I have checked your upload.
The definition of the axis within the RobotIK component is missing. (see screenshot below).
Please define it and use the option above to update the drives.
There was also an error message in the console pointing in this direction.

Image 842

The upload is only available for us and will be deleted automatically after 30 days.


would you please upload your project here: ?

That way we can check where the problem is coming from.