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Not a bug

Override values (Unity to PLC) does not work as expected

Gonçalo Nascimento 2 months ago in realvirtual.io Community updated by Support 3 weeks ago 2


I am using S7 TCP/IP connection on a Unity project and I am physically connected to an S7-1200.

I am using various PLC Inputs and Outputs (created automatically from the .sdf file).

The PLC outputs are being read correctly on Unity, but when I force (overrite) a BOOL input value, the PLC detects the change but does not hold the new value. For example, I can see on the TIA Portal monitor window that the value is FALSE. I press write to True on Unity but the monitor on TIA Portal still shows False, although it did acknowledge the pulse (mabye it was a very short pulse)? Is this the way writing to PLC inputs works? By pulses? Because I would like to change a boolean (or any other type) value and hold that state for long periods of time.

These are my settings for the S7 Interface

Image 1101

And this is an example of a PLC Input component (Is it normal that the component is deactivated during runtime??):

Image 1103

This is the correspondent GameObject during runtime:

Image 1102

Thanks for your time!

Support 3 weeks ago

Hi, the deactivated components are in this case correct. We want to prevent the signal update method, which is not needed in this case. Are you maybe writing on PLC inputs which are also available in hardware. In this case you can't force or even set it from realvirtual because the real physical input value can't be changed.


[Reccomanded] RealVirtaul 2022 HMI Source Omission

Reverse Kim 3 months ago in realvirtual.io Community updated by Support 3 weeks ago 2

Hi, I am using realvirtual very well.

I find that there some Differences in HMI_Value.cs , HMI_Text.cs

One Function of 'Follow Camera' in HMI_Text.cs  works very well.

because of 'else' in controller function

Image 1082

But The other Function of 'Follow Camera' in HMI_Value.cs omit the function of Tracking(else sources).

So, I reccomand you put into same function in HMI_Value.cs like below.

Image 1083


Support 3 weeks ago

Thanks, we will check this.

Regards Christin


Inability to connect Omron plc via enternetip

Soncon 1 year ago in realvirtual.io Community updated by Support 12 months ago 4


When connecting Omron PLC NX1P2 via enternetip, set the above parameters, then click the TEST CONNECT button, the connection fails, the computer can ping through, about the parameter path setting, it is not clear how to set, have tried in many ways, I can't even make a connection.
Thank you

Image 899