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ArgumentException: Invalid File or Directory attributes value.

me 5 months ago in Parts4Cad updated by Support 1 month ago 4
Not sure it's stuck

Image 894

Not a bug

Compile errors after importing Parts4cad

Rick 8 months ago in Parts4Cad updated 8 months ago 2

Unity 2021.3.15 , latest version of Starter. Imported OK and works. 

 Then imported Parts4cad - got multiple compile errors

Assets\game4automation\parts4cad\private\Editor\ColladaImportPostprocess.cs(10,39): error CS0433: The type 'Parts4CadSettings' exists in both 'game4automation.parts4cad, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' and 'parts4cad, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'

Also compiler error due to multiple copies of ionic.zip

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Support 8 months ago

Hi, Parts4CAD is already included in Starter. If I understood you right you added it via the asset store.

After Starter package installation you should have this menu

As soon as you select Cadenas parts4cad the needed addtional executables are loaded into the streaming assets folder.


PARTS4CAD don't open

efrensilveyra 4 years ago in Parts4Cad updated by Support 3 years ago 18

Hi I buy the  game4automation starter and I download the parts4cad from the asset store.

And I import the parts4cad in the project where is the game4automation,and I click in the game4automation tab > Cadenas parts4cad and it doesn't star the parts4cad software. Do I need another thing? Here is a screenshot.


Image 137

Support 4 years ago


thanks a lot for the hint. We will check how we can prevent that and allow spaces in folder names. Didn't know that this causes problems.

Best regards