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Circular conveyor belt

yangkang 1 year ago updated by Support 1 year ago 1


I wanted to achieve a circular conveyordemo effect (Fig1), a reference to radialConveyordemo (Fig2), but the MU transported in a circular conveyordemo is skewed in position, and I froze the XYZ rotation of the MU

Image 878

Fig 1

Image 877

Fig 2


Meta Quest 3 VR Main Camera

jf9 2 months ago updated by Support 2 months ago 3


I have a question regarding the Main Camera in the realvirtual gameobject. I've searched through the forum and saw a 3 year old post where you suggest to just delete or deactivate the realvirtual main camera. When I do that, the realvirtual controller script component in the realvirtual gameobject deactivates itself. What i did for now is increasing the rendering priority of my XR Origin Main Camera to avoid issues. Is there a better solution to this?

Image 1044

Image 1045

Support 2 months ago

I don't know which version you are exactly using. Just deactivating the Gameobject with the Main Camera should work.  Can you send me the line of code which is creating the null reference. Maybe a null check there is helping.


Guided Transport

Beesten 2 months ago updated by Support 4 weeks ago 2


ich habe ein Problem festgestellt: Sobald sich mein Materialtransport in der Guideline bewegt, dreht es sich und setzt seine Bewegung langsam fort, ohne dass ich es steuern kann. Ich verwende eine normale Transportoberfläche mit Guideline, und die Materialtransporteinheiten (MUs) sind auf Guided MU eingestellt. Selbst in der Demo mit meinen STEP-CAD-Daten funktioniert es nicht. Woran könnte das liegen?


realvirtual.io simalution 2022 Error Version???

1305075976 2 months ago updated by Support 2 months ago 3

Image 1040

Support 2 months ago


we tested and everything is as it should be.

Maybe you did not updated (downloaded the new package of 2022.10) in the package manager (Update Button in the top right corner of Pakackage manager). After Update you need to Import.

Best regards




Edu 3 months ago updated by Support 3 months ago 1

Good morning

I have the OPCU4Unity license and I am currently working with the personal version of Unity.

I am developing a project for a client in his factory, my questions are the following:

- Can I implement this development in my client's factory with Unity Personal without licensing problems with Unity?

- If the entire project exceeds €100,000, even if the development in Unity is only a small part, should I change the license in Unity?

It is a private project that will never be in the appstore.

In your opinion, what do you think is the best way (in terms of licensing with Unity) to do industrial projects without having problems?

Thank you very much for your attention

Support 3 months ago


if you don't deliver our solution as source code but only as compliled applications you can do everything what you want. 

Concerning Unity you should check Unity license conditions carefully but generally if you really earn money you need to use a Unity Professional license at least.

Best regards



Conveyor Belt

digitaltwin 4 months ago updated by Support 3 months ago 3

Can real virtual be able to support a curved timing conveyor belt? How should I proceed with setting it up?

It has plates that go around the whole conveyor. 

Image 1020


IKPath in a webgl build

jeff 4 months ago updated by Support 4 months ago 1


After deleting all the folders listed in the documentation(except RobotIK which does not exists in the project as a folder),

And creating a script which includes an IKPath variable.

When trying to build for WebGL i'm getting the following error:

"Assets\NewBehaviourScript.cs(8,5): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'IKPath' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"

(this error happen only when building not when running in the editor)

This script is important for the project.

Is that fixable?

Is there a work around

Unity Version: 2022.3.15f1

Real virtual version: 2022.09.3800

Thank You and Best regards.


Twincat 3 Anbindung an einem anderen PC im selben Netzwerk

jnthn 4 months ago updated by Support 4 months ago 5

Hallo zusammen,

bin noch sehr neu in der Bedienung von realvirtual. Meine Frage ist, wie ich denn mit der Twin Cats Ads Interface Komponente mich mit einem anderen Rechner im selben Netzwerk auf dem Twincat 3 die configuration aktiv ist verbinde. 

Image 1016


Scene and gamemode are different

linlinoful 8 months ago updated by Preliy 8 months ago 1


can someone explain, why the box does get bigger when switching in gamemode? How can i avoid it?

First picture shows scene mode (how i want it to look like), second shows gamemode.

Image 965

Image 966


why I cant change PLC input signal by sensor?

xingbutou 8 months ago updated by Support 8 months ago 3

Here is my problem.I have 2 signals:the “signal01” is to control object01  to move or to stop,and the “signal02” is to control another object02. I set a sensor called “sensor01” ,when object01 move to a certain place,the “sensor01” could detect it .However,it failed to change “signal02”,which is still false.

I have put relevant settings in those pictures below,can someone help me to resolve this strange problem?I have suffered from this one for nearly one week.

Image 964

Image 962

Image 963