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Support 9 months ago

Can you turn  in the OPCUA interface  the DebugMode to true and send us the content of the console log?

Under review

OPCUA Interface - Error in activating session

Ernesto 10 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 5 months ago 30

Dear all,

I'm having problems to connect to a remote OPC UA server using the OPCUA Interface Component.

I followed the "Connection troubleshouting" guidelines provided in "/game4automation/Documentation/opcua.html".

Configuring the OPC Server with "No security certificates and passwords" I could connect OPC Watch with the server (see Image):

Image 576

However, when I tried connecting through the Unity OPCUA Interface:

Image 577

I get the following error message:

OPCUA Interface - Error in activating session [BadUnknownResponse]
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
game4automation.OPCUA_Interface:Connect () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/OPCUA_Interface.cs:179)
game4automation.OPCUA_Interface:EditorImportNodes () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/OPCUA_Interface.cs:246)
game4automation.OPCUAInterfaceEditor:OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/private/Editor/OPCUAInterfaceEditor.cs:20)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

As it can be seen in the last image, I'm using Unity 2021.3.2f1 Editor with Game4Automation Digital Twin Professional 2020.

Any idea of what I'm missing?

Thank you in advanced.

Support 5 months ago

Hi, I checked. I found an issue with reconnection, that is why I am attaching here a new script. This will be included in next release.


The disconnect problem and the PLCOutputBool can't be reproduced here on my computer with Simit.


No Mutex PLCSim Advanced Interface proble

Pablo 1 year ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 5 months ago 18


we are using the PLCSim Advanced Interface.

We can Import the PLCSignals without any Troubles:

Image 519

The first time that we start the simulation in Unity everything is working fine (COM OK).

But after we stop the unity editor and try to start again, we get “No Mutex”... so no communication is established between the plc and Unity.

We found out that creating a new PLC Instance and re-importing the signals “fix the error”... but just for the first run. Then we have to repeat the process of creating a new PLC again and again...

Could be some background process blocking the communication? Thank you in advance.

Support 5 months ago

Current working coupler.exe is available in the download area:



Robodk version with game4automation professional or game4automation OPC UA

efrensilveyra 2 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 2 years ago 1

Which version of robodk is compatible with game4automation opc ua or game4automation professional. I ask, because I want to communicate robodk 4.0 with game4automation professional.


When will Unity 2019 be supported?

Stan 3 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 3 years ago 5


I was wondering when will OPC UA for Unity 2019 will be supported?

With kind regards,

Stan (Developer at Siemens)

Support 3 years ago

Hi, we have no tutorial about that.Even if Unity 2019 is not officially supported yet, you should be able to get it running. What is your problem. What kind of error messages do you have?

Under review

The data obtained by OPCUA interface is not updated for a long time

zhyi 3 days ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 2 days ago 1

The OPCUA interface is used to obtain the data. At the beginning of the data update, the data change information can be obtained, but after a few minutes, the latest data cannot be obtained


Help with model setup

Manish Otto 6 days ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 5 days ago 3

New Setup - Tut 5 test.mp4


I'm trying this simple setup of pushing a MU off a conveyor belt with a pusher or deflector. However, as seen in the video, the pusher moves right through the MU. Please help me to change the settings and understand the reasoning behind the same. I'm using the starter pack and have followed the procedures as per the tutorials to date. So all the settings are set to default, or as suggested in the videos. Thanks for your help!

Support 5 days ago


Please make sure that the MUs and the pusher have sufficient colliders. Nevertheless, the elements must be on certain  layers: MU --> g4aMU; Pusher --> g4aTransport.(set in the inspector) The current parameter of the collider interaction you'll find here: Edit/Projectsettings/Physics.

Let me know if this solves the issue.

Under review

Two Fixer fix MU

yangkang 1 week ago updated by Support 1 week ago 2


Now,i met a problem about Fixer,I want Fixer1  Fix MU ,and MU is fixed by Fixer,

When i use fixer2 based on Signal release, MU will Drop 

When i use release On Collission Non MU, MU cant fixed by Fixer1. It toggles back and forth between captured states

    Maybe When  release Fix2,Mu maybe drop,and it's been fixed again

    Image 864


    Image 866

    Fixer 2

    Image 865

    Under review

    Robot IK Edit windows Lost

    yangkang 2 weeks ago updated by Support 1 week ago 4


    Today, after I opened the scene, I found that their editing window did not display, such as the path of the robot, joint restrictions of the robot, etc. I exported the project to another computer, and it displayed normally after opening. Meanwhile, I also tried to restart the project, but it didn't seem to work.

    Image 860

    Image 862


    Image 861

    Yesterday.when i click Path,the Path Line show normaly


    robot Grip with no finger

    yangkang 2 weeks ago updated by Support 2 weeks ago 2


    i want to grip MU based on Grip scrip,but my grip have no finger!

    i study from standard demo。Based on sensor ,collider,direct grip,etc but i cant realize grip Mu Function

    and i study from Grip MUS demo,i found noFingergrip demo,but it realize it based on Gripper Script

    Q1:when i want to realize Grip MUs with no Finger,which i should to chose,Grip or Gripper,

    Q2:In Grip script,Directly grip,Is it that when MU‘s Box collider and grip‘Box collider collide, i realized grip function?

    Q3:Can you give me a detailed instruction document about NoFingergrip based on Grip scripts?


      gripper no fingers

      Looking forwaring to your reply!