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Support 12 months ago

Can you turn  in the OPCUA interface  the DebugMode to true and send us the content of the console log?

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OPCUA Interface - Error in activating session

Ernesto 1 year ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 8 months ago 30

Dear all,

I'm having problems to connect to a remote OPC UA server using the OPCUA Interface Component.

I followed the "Connection troubleshouting" guidelines provided in "/game4automation/Documentation/opcua.html".

Configuring the OPC Server with "No security certificates and passwords" I could connect OPC Watch with the server (see Image):

Image 576

However, when I tried connecting through the Unity OPCUA Interface:

Image 577

I get the following error message:

OPCUA Interface - Error in activating session [BadUnknownResponse]
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
game4automation.OPCUA_Interface:Connect () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/OPCUA_Interface.cs:179)
game4automation.OPCUA_Interface:EditorImportNodes () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/OPCUA_Interface.cs:246)
game4automation.OPCUAInterfaceEditor:OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/OPCUA4Unity/private/Editor/OPCUAInterfaceEditor.cs:20)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

As it can be seen in the last image, I'm using Unity 2021.3.2f1 Editor with Game4Automation Digital Twin Professional 2020.

Any idea of what I'm missing?

Thank you in advanced.

Support 8 months ago

Hi, I checked. I found an issue with reconnection, that is why I am attaching here a new script. This will be included in next release.


The disconnect problem and the PLCOutputBool can't be reproduced here on my computer with Simit.


Robodk version with game4automation professional or game4automation OPC UA

efrensilveyra 2 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 2 years ago 1

Which version of robodk is compatible with game4automation opc ua or game4automation professional. I ask, because I want to communicate robodk 4.0 with game4automation professional.


When will Unity 2019 be supported?

Stan 3 years ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 3 years ago 5


I was wondering when will OPC UA for Unity 2019 will be supported?

With kind regards,

Stan (Developer at Siemens)

Support 3 years ago

Hi, we have no tutorial about that.Even if Unity 2019 is not officially supported yet, you should be able to get it running. What is your problem. What kind of error messages do you have?

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Relationship between the number of points of parameters managed by the OPCUA server and the communication cycle.

h-morishita 3 weeks ago in OPCUA4Unity updated 6 hours ago 7

When the number of parameters managed by the OPCUA server is increased (from 30 to 120),

The values are being sent in bits and pieces.

Does the frequency of communication decrease in proportion to the number of parameters?

Support 3 weeks ago

Yes the performance should go down. It also depend on the subscription parameters and server settings, e.g. how often updates are sent. If there are many parameters which are changing very fast it might make sense to poll the variables instead of subscribing to them. But all depends on the application you are building.

Under review

Connection to certificate based authentication OPCUA server

Iacopo Checcacci 2 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 3 weeks ago 6

Hi, I’m using the OPCUA4Unity plugin purchased on the Unity Asset Store.I’m able to connect a Unity project to a OPCUA server with no certificates, but my main need is to connect it to a certificate based authentication OPCUA server. In the specific is a Basic 256 security policy.Trying to connect my Unity project to the certificate based authentication OPCUA server, filling the Security Policy field with Basic 256, I receive the following errors:

  • OPCUA Interface - Connection Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • SocketException: A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and(when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied.

Looking on the documentation I found that you specify that "Currently certificate based authentication and communication is not supported. We are working on the problem and try to find as soon as possible a solution.”
I would like to know if a new version of the plugin that supports the certificate based authentication OPCUA server is scheduled or if you have already a beta version or also a workaround for this issue.
Thank you

Under review

The data obtained by OPCUA interface is not updated for a long time

zhyi 3 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 3 months ago 1

The OPCUA interface is used to obtain the data. At the beginning of the data update, the data change information can be obtained, but after a few minutes, the latest data cannot be obtained

Under review

OPCUA4Unity can't connect to opcua server with username and password

VBKsjjW 4 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 4 months ago 5

On the OPCUA server, I logged in a user.

I set up the "OPCUA_Interface" component in Unity.

At that time, the "user name" and "password" set on the server were set to "OPCUA_Interface".

In this state, click the "Import nodes" button of "OPCUA_Interface".

Then the following error is displayed in the console.

「OPCUA Interface - Error in activating session [BadUnknownResponse]UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)」

Please tell me how to improve.

Support 4 months ago

Hi, I was able to connect with your type of OPCUA server. I will send you in a private message a beta. If successful it will be included in our next release (2021.15).


Application name on OPC UA port is not supported

Elio 4 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 4 months ago 5


I am trying to connect a CS9 controller from Stäubli, but the OPC UA server is published on the following address: 


This last "/Staubli" data can not be written in the Port field or any other in OPC UA script, so the connection can not be stablished... It is not possible to modify the address in the controller, so I would like to know how can I define this address to properly connnect my server.

Support 4 months ago

This feature will be included in the next release (2021.14) which will be available about 17.02.2023


how to handle for the bad status of a node

eternalism 6 months ago in OPCUA4Unity updated by Support 5 months ago 5


i am making a app watching Devices through the "KEPServer for OPC".

so, i made subscribe multiple nodes.

then i expected my app work similar with "OPC Watch".

the result i did test, some nodes was often get bad status.

If any of the nodes is in a bad status, your plugin only disconnects from a server without handling any after works.

Or, If some nodes is bad status at starting app and first connection, the App was get "Not Answer".

On the contrary, the OPC Watch is continue updating under the same circumstance stably.


i make reconnecting when disconnected and trying to subscribe after checking that connection of a Bad nodes each seconds via ReadValue Method.

it seem to be not good way, i think...

what is the best strategy for handle a Bad status of node?