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PLCSimAdvancedCoupler startet bei Simulation nicht

david hilla 2 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by carHock 3 weeks ago 4

Hallo Thomas,

ich bekomme keine Verbindung von Unity zu PLCSimAdvanced V5.0. Bei Simulationsstart kommt jedes mal die Fehlermeldung (in Unity):

"You need to download PLCSimAdvancedCoupler.exe and place it into the \PLCSimAdvanced\Ressources\ folder"

Die genannte .exe habe ich im in meinem Projekt - Ablageordner unter:

C:\Unity Projekte\Zuluftanlage\Assets\realvirtual\Interfaces\PLCSimAdvanced\Ressources

abgelegt. Dennoch scheint Unity die .exe nicht zu finden. Auch die "Siemens.Simatic.Simulation.Runtime.Api.x86.dll" hab ich im entsprechenden Ablageordner für PLCSimAdvanced V5.0 abgelegt unter:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Siemens\PLCSIMADV\API\5.0

Was ich weiter versucht habe ist:

- deinstallieren von "Npcap 1.71" und installieren von "Npcap 1.79"

- bilden einer Instanz in PLCSimAdvanced mit Konfiguration PLCSIM sowie TCP/IP 

- deaktivieren der Windows - Firewall

- starten der PLCSimAdvancedCoupler.exe manuell (Fehlermeldung siehe Screenshot!)

Geladen wurde die PLCSimAdvanced Instanz mit TIA Portal V18. Anbei befinden sich ein paar Screenshot.

Viele Grüße


Image 1124

Image 1123

Inspector nach Bestätigen der Fehlermeldung

PLCSimAdvancedCoupler nicht gefunden


Stop MU on conveyor by stopper

Andreas F 2 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated 3 weeks ago 17

How can I prevent a jumping MU on a (guided) conveyor?

For this I used the invisible conveyor system from your demo project "Guided Transport".

The MU stops at the stopper but starts jumping up and down immediatetly. 

Is there an easy way to prevent this? 

I played around with the Rigidbody parameters and realised it stops if I activate "Is Kinematic". I guess I could do this by writing a scripts that activates this parameter at collision with transport layer.

Image 1118

Support 1 month ago


anbei die Antworten zu Ihren Fragen:

Im Umlaufsystem stapeln sich die WTs ab einer Staulänger von 4 Wts. Wie kann ich das verhindern?
Bitte verwenden Sie ausschließlich guided Transport. Die Kombination aus normaler Transportsurface und guided Transport wird nicht funktionieren.

Wie kann ich ein "Transport Guided (Script)" unterbrechen (durch zB einen Heber) und danach wieder fortführen?
Hier gibt eine Umsetzung in der Demoszene zum guidedTransport, welche als Vorlage genutzt werden kann. (realvirtual/Scenes/DemoGuidedTransport)

Wie kann ich eine "Guideline" bei einem Transportsystem mit zwei "Transport Surfaces" einfügen?
Ein System wie in ihrem Beispiel wird immer nur mit einer Transportsurface umgesetzt, damit kann einfach eine Guideline ergänzt werden. Unity betrachtet immer nur eine "Collision".

Unter main/realvirtual/ui/button1 wird ein image verwendet. Wo finde ich die Datei?
Button-GameObject in der Hierarchie auswählen und im Inspector auf das definierte Bild klicken. Es wird dann im Projekt angezeigt.

Roboter bewegen sich zu bestimmten Positionen deutlich langsamer. Warum ist das so?
Die Bewegung richtet sich nach der langsamsten Achse.

Grüße Christin

  • How can I prevent WTs from stacking up after a queue length of 4 WTs in the circulation system?

    Use only guided transport. Combining normal transport surfaces with guided transport will not work.

  • How can I interrupt a "Transport Guided (Script)" (e.g., by a lift) and then resume it?

    There is an implementation in the demo scene for guided transport that can be used as a template. (realvirtual/Scenes/DemoGuidedTransport)

  • How can I add a "Guideline" to a transport system with two "Transport Surfaces"?

    A system like the one in your example is always implemented with a single transport surface, allowing an easy addition of a guideline. Unity only considers one "Collision".

  • Where can I find the file used for the image under main/realvirtual/ui/button1?

    Select the Button-GameObject in the hierarchy and click on the defined image in the Inspector. It will then be displayed in the project.

  • Why do robots move significantly slower to certain positions?

    The movement speed is determined by the slowest axis.

  • Regards Christin


    Can realVirtual built for web

    zilong 2 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 2 months ago 5

    When I choose the WebGl plat for build my unity projects which use realVirtual-io tool, the system has the follow error:

    "Assets\realvirtual\private\Interfaces\SharedMemory\Editor\SharedMemoryInterfaceEditor.cs(9,26): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'SharedMemoryInterface' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"。

    Support 2 months ago


    it seems that you are using an old version. This issue has been solved. Some interfaces need to be deactivated before compiling because they are using functions which are not available in WebGL.

    You should upgrade to the latest version or delete the interfaces (the full folder of it) which are not supported in WebGL. You can check the table on this page here: https://doc.realvirtual.io/advanced-topics/supported-platforms


    OPCUA not listing all nodes

    Maira Matos 2 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 1 month ago 2

    I'm encountering difficulties accessing nodes within the OPCUA Server. While I can establish a connection with the server, the nodes aren't being properly imported into Unity.
    Examining the image below, it's evident that input nodes contain nested nodes. However, as depicted in the screenshots, Unity fails to list all the available nodes.

    Image 1 - OPCUA Explorer


    Image 2 - OPCUA Interface Unity

    Image 1098


    HMI UI not showing in Play mode

    Maira Matos 3 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 2 months ago 3

    I created an HMI object with 2 HMI tabs. The first tab stores a drop-down menu, and the second tab stores 3 HMI Panel World Space with HMI buttons. When I use Unity in Scene and Game mode , I can visualize the changes. However, after starting the simulation ( Play mode ), all the objects inside HMI wont appear on the game. All elements are on the UI layer.

    Scene Mode

    Image 1094

    Game Mode

    Image 1096

    Play Mode

    Image 1097

    Support 2 months ago


    after reviewing your images again, it appears that you're not using tab buttons to switch between the tabs. In this case, please enable "Tab Activated" within the "HMI_Tab" component to activate the tab when "Play" is started. Let me know if this solves the problem.

    Regards Christin


    Do you have any suggestions about how webgl(unity3D) communicates with twincat by realvirtual.io

    Dragon Yun 3 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated 3 months ago 8

    as i descripte,i want to complete a machine digital twin which is similar with the example demo from your website shows.

    Image 1092

    Image 1091

    Support 3 months ago

    I don't think, that we are publishing a special video for TwinCAT HMI. Besides symbol annotation and that you need special licenses (TF2000) - see section prerequisites - there is nothing special about this interface. What is your problem, do you have any error messages, things we should explain in our documentation? 


    Logic Steps - Scripts

    Luis 4 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 3 months ago 1

    Hello! I'm following the RealVirtual tutorials playlist and I'm on part 7, where Logic Steps scripts are added, but I can't find them in my version of the Asset. 

    When I search, I only find the Control Logic Script.

    I'm using the demo version, are these scripts only available in the Professional version?

    Support 3 months ago

    Yes, LogicSteps is only available in Professional.


    Transport surface make the conveyor texture mismatch

    ULE 5 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 4 months ago 3

    I don't know how to use transport surface, I notice in the demo scene the conveyor belt works perfectly, but in my scene everytime I tried turn the whole conveyor 90 degree but the texture dose not follow and still goes as before. How do I fix this?Video

    Support 4 months ago

    It is an old version of realvirtual (still game4automation) we fixed a lot. You should upgrade to the latest release.


    I Can't Find HMI Components and Demo

    Reverse Kim 5 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 5 months ago 1

    Hi, I bought 'realvirtual.io Digital Twin Professional 2021'.

    whein I saw HMI components - realvirtual.io 

    There are HMI Components  but, When I Downloaded on Asset Store There is no HMI Demo and Module.

    how Can I Get this module?

    Not a bug

    Gripper script stops working

    Marco van der Stelt 6 months ago in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional updated by Support 5 months ago 2

    When running the scene for extended periods of time we get the problem that the gripper script stops working. The sensor stop detecting MUs and it does not give any errors. Is there a problem in the background which comes up after running a scene for a long time?